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With angelic voices and folk melodies, the trio Birds from Paradise are welcoming you into their cozy and sunny world. Influenced by artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, Kacey Musgraves and Angus and Julia Stone, they  are releasing their first album entitled Birds.


The three young women met during their graduate scholarship in pop music and quickly realized that their voices would blend in perfect harmony. Birds from Paradise is a perfectly balanced group: Lauri-Anne, nature and calm’s lover, Florence, with her festive energetic soul, and Olivia the nostalgic who collects memories from people surrounding her.


Birds from Paradise started in school’s rehearsal rooms, where they worked on putting together popular songs, creating space for each voice and creating a perfect mix with their musical instruments. Through already existing songs, they would give themselves the freedom to create a unique personal performance bringing together each women’s personality.


Quickly, they start adding concerts in cafes, outdoor festivals and events. Every  time, Birds from Paradise is defining a little bit more its identity. They abandon the piano and introduce the ukulele to enhance their acoustic folk sound creating a perfect musical space to highlight their vocals.


Following their participation in various competitions, they create their first original compositions. These songs highlight their sweet personalities and are focusing on freedom, love and friendship, all values ​​that are so dear to them. Through these competitions, the Birds met Daniel Lepage from Opus Studios who produced and helped them throughout the album’s recording that was released in May 2020.

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